The Kingdom of Scathia

The Kingdom of Scathia lies in ruin, independent lords and ladies has risen from the ashes. What once united the many feudal regions of Scathia has been destroyed and the Golden Queen is no more. The claimants for the throne are many, as each independant ruler rise to the challange of recreating what once was.

As the lords and ladies struggle for the Throne of Scathia, that which was once sleeping has awoken. Before there was only human and what darkness that brought. But as the capitol was covered in lava and ashes. Something rose from within the capitol. A horror so great that none dare enter its domain.

With the Black Crown as the prize, the rulers of the states become more desperate for power, willing to pay any prize for the Crown. There is no prize to high or loss to big to keep them from it. Many turn to otherworldy powers. The Dark Night, The Scarlet plague or even to the horror that rose as the capitol was burnt to ashes. Those who do is often lost in their lust for power.

Many states have united, forming great alliances in the war torn lands of Scathia. Lending power to one another. There are three of these alliances. The Crux Militem, Powerful warriors and knights with the knowledge to forge steel and build mighty castles. The Frifolk, Cunning shadows who sabotage and decieve their enemies, promising those who serve them freedom and The Ritualists, who have fallen to the dark night and the horror that came with it.