A State of Wonder

State of Wonder is a card game of conflict and deceit. Take control of a city state and command mighty armies to destroy your enemies or construct awe inspiring wonders. Can you Claim the Throne of Scathia?

Align yourself with one of three powerful alliances. The Crux Militem, The Frifolk or the Ritualists in the conflict for the Throne. Each alliance have their own playstyle.

The Crux Militem is an alliance of noble knights, warriors and builders. They wield the power of Steel and the Scarlet Plague against their enemies as they conquer and expand their lands.

The Frifolk is an alliance of  assassins, anarchists and bandits. They fight together for freedom, unity and the chance to live a life free from the chains of oppression. Freedom has to be taken.

The Ritualists is an alliance for those who have seen true darkness. They live to serve the Spawns of Sulphur and the Dark Night. They convert  and consume the people of Scathia through terror


Seize The Throne

The Throne of Scathia is empty. The Black Queen has Fallen. Take the Throne by either destroying the opposition through military might and superior strategy or through economic prowess and constructing a Majestic Wonder.

State of Wonder features a deep war and combat system. Where you can lay siege to your enemies over several turns. Combat includes both players, alternating between them as they take turns to activate their units. 

Production in State of Wonder forces your opponent to understand and predict your moves. As you play cards face down into the Production Zone, only revealing the cost of the card. But be vary for your enemies bluffs and scheming as players can pay extra for cards.


The Rulebook is available for free.