The Ivory Syndicate

The Ivory Syndicate is the old Queens Guard. But now after the fall they act independently. As Former Agents of the Crown they are notorious for their specialized tactics, prefering to strike from the dark. After the Fall of the Black Queen, They have become an Assassins Guild. Led by the Repossessor.

Playing as the Ivory Syndicate promotes using buildings and controlling strategies. Where you push your enemies out of resources by making efficient trades of gold. Either killingĀ  your opponents high value units with the Murderers' Gate or using the Syndicate Agancy and Cutthroats Turf to pressure your enemy to spend gold on things they don't really want to build.

Late game ,The Ivory Syndicate either wins by pushing through with Ivory Ambushers and the Repossosser for hugh amounts of damage or they have aged up and wins the Wonder Race, because of their superior economy! For the Print and Play Deck follow this link: The Ivory Syndicate