State of Wonder

State of Wonder is a card game of Skill, Deceit and Strategy. Recruit mighty armies to destroy your Enemies or build a Great Wonder to show your power and seize the throne of Scathia.

Choose your Allegiance

State of Wonder has three alliances, Align yourself with your Favorite!

The Noble Warrior Alliance of the Crux Militem, Fight for the Steel Sanctuary and the Plaguelands

The Frifolk, who fight for freedom in a kingdom that abandoned them.

The Mystical Ritualists, that worship the darkness that destroyed the world.

What is Unique in State of Wonder?

1. Multiple Victory Conditions. Destroy Your enemies through Military Might or Claim Victory by building and Awe Inspiring Wonder.

2. Deceive your enemies using the production system. Cards are played face down and are flipped face up at the start of your next turn. Having your opponent guess what your plans is.

3. A deep, very strategic system for war. Featuring Siege warfare. Where you fight your enemies both on your turn and your enemies turn.

Take Fate into Your Hands

State of Wonder is a game of strategy, skill and deceit. Your choices matter as you navigate the Kingdom of Scathia

Customize your deck, letting you plan your strategies.

Your knowledge of the game allow you to better predict and play around threats.

Only 1 Random Element in the Game. Who Goes First. There is no Card Draws or Random Card effects in the game!

Meet the Developer!

Who is working on State of Wonder right now? A faithful solo developer working with some of the most hardworking, incredible art talent out there!
Emelie Rodin

Emelie Rodin

Roles? What Roles?

For every day that pass, this girl becomes more and more obsessed with game design. An enthusiast of anything transmedia and spend whatever is left of her free time playing card games.

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